Leadership Tallahassee's Building Better Boards

Leadership Tallahassee's Building Better Boards
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Date: 5/13/2014
Time: 4:30 PM TO 8:30 PM

444 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL

850 521-3115

Event Description:

Tuesday, May 13 from 4:30 – 8:30
TCC’s Center for Workforce Development

For the best in board training, be sure to register for this year’s Building Better Boards on Tuesday, May 13 at TCC’s Center for Workforce Development. Presented by Leadership Tallahassee, this series of workshops has something for everyone.  Cost: $40 (includes 2 workshops and box dinner).

5:00 – 6:15 Offerings

Developing the proper relationship between Board Governance and Executive Director  Jim McShane, CareerSource Capital Region

The workshop will focus on the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Executive Director/CEO, covering the following points:  Governance responsibility versus operational oversight – how to set policies in place that direct the CEO; What does a healthy relationship with the CEO look like?; Board accountability and CEO accountability – transparency for the stakeholders; The difference between strong and weak governance; How can you establish strong and effective governance.  Using the John Carver Nonprofit Board Model ™, we will cover the accountability and boundaries that governance needs to set up and that the Executive Director needs to activate.

Fundraising Judo:  Engaging Volunteers and Raising Funds the Gentle Way  Robin Johnston, Tallahassee Community College

All too often, organizations try and coerce their volunteers into raising funds from donors by brute force.  Fundraising staff often feel that there are no alternatives to cajoling, pleading with, bribing or beating Board members and other volunteers into raising funds.  This traditional model is uncomfortable for both volunteers and donors, and produces suboptimal fundraising results.  Enter Fundraising Judo.  This innovative model provides a framework for engaging volunteers and connecting with donors in a way that is easy and natural for them, and productive for us.  This session introduces the Fundraising Judo concept, and emphasizes the keys of passion, intrinsic motivation and alignment.  Participants will learn how to align the interests of volunteers, donors and organizations to achieve maximum fundraising success, while creating a more harmonious and productive fundraising relationship for everyone involved.

Gaining Confidence and Control over Your Not-for-Profit’s Resources  Jeff Barbacci, Thomas Howell Ferguson, P.A.

It’s often that we see board volunteers move into board positions when they have had no prior experience sitting on a board or running a business.  They get into these positions, because they love the organization.  And quickly, they can be over-whelmed with the duties and responsibilities placed on the board members.  Our goal with each of these topics is to empower and educate them to help fill the “you don’t know what you don’t know” issue that many face.  Financials especially can be tricky, since not-for-profits have different reporting requirements than commercial businesses.

Hot Topics Moderated by TaMaryn Waters, Tallahassee Democrat

Join us for a discussion on the cutting edge of board and nonprofit growth and development. In this session moderated by the Tallahassee Democrat's TaMaryn Waters learn about Leadership Tallahassee's new board bank that will link nonprofits with trained prospective board members; discover what Tallahassee Community College has in store for  the region with the innovative new Nonprofit Center; learn about the latest in successful collaboration from area leaders in the homeless field who will discuss the new Emergency Services Center; and hear about Elder Care Service's vision for a new senior portal.

Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging Strengths for High Performing Boards  Cheri Rainey, PhD, Rainey Leadership Learning

Traditionally, organization leaders recruit and lead board members based on their achievements, personalities, and networking connections. Often, in this traditional model, leaders underutilize board member’s resources and mismatch strengths and tasks, which results in less engagement and retention, more effort and management challenge from leadership, and suboptimal board performance.   The Board Strengths Advantage is an evidence-based model for board success. It supports the science behind motivation and behavioral strengths, while providing a framework, with practical application. In this interactive session, participants will learn what drives  motivation, creates engagement, stimulates retention, and results in high performance.

Strategic Advantages of Optimism in Board Service  Sarah (“Tippy”) Amick, Tippy Amick Training LLC

There is a high correlation between the attitudes and behaviors of Board members and the optimism, good health and creativity within the Board.  There are definitive ways to achieve high levels of optimism and productivity using simple strategies gleaned from positive psychology research.  This session will focus on strategies to ensure positive meeting environments, and on creating a Board that people look forward to being involved in.  Specifically, we will discuss creating positivity to your Board.

7:15 – 8:30 Offerings

Board/Executive Director Relationships:  Who Does What and Why?  Kelly Otte, Pace Center for Girls

One of the two most important responsibilities that a board of directors has is to provide quality leadership to the Executive Director.  This workshop will explore the traits of a high performing board/Ed relationship and will provide practical information about key aspects of the board's responsibilities to the ED, including maintaining positive relations, orientation and evaluation.   Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of next steps. Because of the unique servant/leader relationship required for a successful board/executive partnership this can be very challenging and confusing.   Clarity around roles and responsibilities is essential.

Governance – What’s All the Commotion About?  Kathleen Brothers, Carroll and Company CPA's

Transparency  –  Confidence  –  Integrity – Trust – Reliability – Objectivity – Independence… These are all topics we hear often when it comes to serving on a Board. What do they mean, why are they so important, and how do they translate to your responsibility as a Board member? Your role as a volunteer Board member for a non-profit organization should not be taken lightly. This session will provide valuable information about the responsibilities of Board members, from the regulators’ perspective, as well as that of the public.

Legal Primer for Nonprofit Board Members  Janeia Daniels Ingram, Florida State University College of Law

Board members are legally required to be informed and active participants in the governance of not-for-profit corporations and in helping to fulfill the organization’s purpose and mission. This quick and dirty session will run through the nature of nonprofit board members’ legal duties to an organization, the basis of legal liabilities for board members, and some best practices that directors can implement to create an effective board and (hopefully) steer clear of some common pitfalls.

Moving Your Board from Action to Traction  Alyce Lee Stansbury, Stansbury Consulting LLC

You joined a board because you believe in the mission and want to make a difference. You’re approving minutes, selling tickets, signing letters and wondering “Is that all there is?” In this interactive session, we’ll talk candidly about missed opportunities to deepen relationships; share practical, proven strategies to keep your givers giving; and help you discover new ways to maximize your impact as a Board member

New Board Member Guide to Starting Out  Stu Bevis, Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce; Barbara Boone, Leadership Tallahassee; Laura Rogers, Leadership Tallahassee

Whether you have just started service as a board member or would like to get involved in the future as a new board member, this session will give you tips on how to be an effective board member from the start. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of board members, the difference between governance and management, and how to understand governance and financial documents, so that your board service can be an asset to the organization from day one.

Thinking Outside the Box  Nick Calabro, Big Brothers Big Sisters; Russell Daws, Tallahassee Museum; Rob Renzi, Big Bend Cares

In the social sector, there is not a clear path between providing sophisticated and effective service programs, and finding sustainable ways to fund these programs. Three organizations have independently found ways to launch entrepreneurial ventures intended to bring different dollars to their revenue portfolios, and engaging different types of board members and community partners. During this workshop, you’ll hear from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend, the Tallahassee Museum and Big Bend Cares – three local organizations that have launched the general concept of obtaining revenue from a sales model.   Learn about the opportunities and challenges experienced in the start-up phase of these social entrepreneurial ventures, how your Board can be prepared and questions that should be asked.

Building Better Boards
Tuesday, May 13 from 4:30 – 8:30
TCC’s Center for Workforce Development

Tallahassee Community College - Center for Workforce Development


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